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Radiation and nuclear safety must be our common goals, to which we work together. Our common future on our planet is based on expertise and continual development, in an open dialogue.

Finnish radiation and nuclear safety expertise is globally recognised being among the best. STUK International Ltd. is an independent organisation, owned by the State of Finland, aiming at bringing the best experts in the field to the service of international partners.

STUK International Ltd. works in co-operation with the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).


Stuk International Ltd. develops and improves radiation and nuclear safety worldwide. We offer radiation and nuclear safety services to authorities and service providers outside of Finland. We are a independent, self-governing and trustworthy provider.

Our Tailor-made

We tailor our services to the needs of every particular client, individually. The method of operation is to enhance the expertise of our client. Our aim is to secure a safe environment to us all.

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Stuk International

Radiation safety: STUK International Ltd. helps in the organising safety of the use of radiation and environmental monitoring of radiation.

Stuk International

Nuclear safety: STUK International Ltd. works as an expert whether you are starting your services or re-examining it.

Stuk International

Environmental monitoring services:  STUK International Ltd. provides expertise on monitoring radiation levels in outdoor environment: air, soil, or water.

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