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STUK is the regulatory authority for radiation and nuclear safety in Finland

STUK International Ltd. is a 100% state owned company  which enables STUK to provide radiation and nuclear safety expert services globally

Services offered by STUK International Ltd. are based on internationally recognized expertise and highly skilled professionals of STUK

Our services



RADIATION SAFETY – our expertise covers the safe use of medical, industrial and non-ionizing radiation as well as environmental monitoring and laboratory testing.

NUCLEAR SAFETY – our expertise covers the safe use of nuclear energy at all phases of nuclear fuel cycle- including oversight of new nuclear build, existing NPPs, nuclear materials and waste management, nuclear safeguards, emergency preparedness and response.



Pia Keski-Jaskari

Chair of the Board

+358 40 501 8909

Leena Jylhä

Chief Operating Officer

+358 44 710 2060

Seppo Mahla

Head of Project Management

+358 50 378 1348

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