STUK International and Soprano begin international cooperation on training

STUK International Ltd., a state-owned company specializing in the safety of using radiation and nuclear energy, and Soprano Plc, a development company specializing in training, will begin providing international further and degree training to the customers of STUK International.

The contract covers management, project management, leadership, communications and information technology training provided under the JTO brand of the Management Institute of Finland MIF and marketed by STUK International to its customers as part of its expert services in international projects relating to radiation and nuclear safety. The training will be organized while observing the travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 and based on customers’ wishes as digital online training, across a virtual network or, if possible, as traditional classroom training.

CEO of STUK International Pekka Ottavainen: “The aim of this cooperation on training is to improve the readiness of management and key personnel among our customers to manage highly demanding projects relating to the use of radiation and nuclear safety, in addition to acting as supervisors and executors in such projects.”

Business Director of JTO, under Management Institute of Finland MIF, Tauno Taajamaa: “MIF JTO can organize even the most challenging trainings safely and interactively across a network directly from our studios. Soprano has also developed a production model that allows us to efficiently create fully online training programs in several different languages, regardless of the client’s speciality.”

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Management Institute of Finland MIF, JTO, Business Director Tauno Taajamaa +358 400 742 789,

STUK International Ltd., CEO Pekka Ottavainen, +358 400 261 097,

Soprano Group – Lifelong Learning for Working Professionals

Soprano Group is the leading Nordic private training company. In 2019, we provided training to 29 111 people from 2 457 different organizations and 27 countries. The Group offers vocational degrees in several different fields as well as short further training courses. Our short courses focus on information technology, management, communications, financial management and international trade. The digital solutions developed by Soprano enable studies, practical projects, tests and discussion between students and trainers either independently online or across a network.

We provide training, diplomas, certificates and vocational degrees online, across a network or in traditional classrooms. Our training exports aim at multipliable and scalable business operations. Soprano serves customers in seven cities in Finland, Sweden and Russia, in dozens of countries through its network and virtually across the globe. The company is a holder of the Key Flag Symbol and is certified to the ISO 9001 quality management system. Soprano Plc is a listed company on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

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STUK International

STUK International Ltd. is a 100% state-owned limited company founded in 2016. The company provides expert services concerning the safety of using radiation and nuclear energy. Its customers are authorities responsible for radiation and nuclear safety in various countries and others operating in the field. The underlying idea is to produce an expert service to international customers that is independent of nuclear installation suppliers and the licence-holders of nuclear installations as well as the users of radiation. The company operates under corporate governance of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The operations and finances of STUK International Ltd. and the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), which manages tasks of public authority, are clearly separated and independent of each other.