With our consultation, advice, and help, you can ensure the nuclear and radiation safety of built and natural environments

Our areas of expertise

Environmental Radiation Monitoring

Do you need expertise pertaining to the monitoring of radiation levels in outdoor environments including air, soil, or water? Our environmental monitoring services can help you with that, and we provide the same services when it comes to human monitoring as well.

Radiation Safety

Do you need radiation safety expertise regarding X-ray or MRI diagnostics, accelerators, measurements, NDT, research, etc.? Our experts can offer you genuine expertise in these areas. We can also help you with matters pertaining to non-ionizing radiation applications, such as mobile phones and microwaves.

Nuclear Safety

Do you need nuclear safety expertise that covers all facilities that require nuclear safety oversight? We have a firm understanding of the safety considerations in nuclear new builds, the operation and maintenance of nuclear facilities, the back end activities of DD, and nuclear waste management.

Our expertise to support your work

Supporting the development of the regulatory framework

We offer Support for developing regulatory framework including identification, development and implementation of core regulations and regulatory guides, licensing schemes, regulatory inspection programs, safeguards and other topics identifying a comprehensive and sustainable regulatory environment throughout the lifecycle of regulated areas.

Supporting the development of the regulator organization

We offer support for developing the regulator organization, including the planning of the organizational structure, identification of roles and responsibilities, establishing a management system, and other topics that enable building a trustworthy, independent, and efficient national regulator.

Supporting the development of competence

We provide hands-on technical training to develop the competence of the regulatory authority staff in all areas required for the practical work of the regulatory organization.

Our Working methods

Consulting and advising

We have a wide range of experts who provide both technical and management advice on the areas within the scope of our services. Our expertise is based on decades of internationally acclaimed experience.

Qualification Training

Our qualification training has a modular structure that allows you to choose the parts that are most relevant to you. We offer both on-line and in-person training sessions. As part of our more extensive training packages, we also offer competence testing that is followed by certification in accordance with EU practices.


We can offer our team of experts when you need capable personnel to oversee the organizational or regulatory framework development process. Your employees can also participate in On-the-Job Training in our facilities under the guidance of an experienced expert.

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